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Socialite Thomas Chizhanje asks Lorraine Guyo to marry him!

Thomas Chizhanje has publicly asked Lorraine Guyo to consider marring him if she envy those bragging about being married on social media. This is after Lorraine Guyo had announced her breakup with Save her wine making boyfriend.

Lorraine had posted on social media about how amazed she was that people are getting cows to their homes in their marriage.

Thomas Chizhanje didn’t waste any moment but publicly asked her back and promised to marry her. To avoid clout, Lorraine didn’t reply. She however replied to a fan who had asked about her relationship with Save. She revealed that they had broken up. See below

Thomas Chizhanje was Lorraine Guyo’s first boyfriend after she went viral with the Ndinyengeiwo video.

He then became her manager for her online drama’s under Lorraine Guyo productions. Everything turned ugly after allegations that Thomas was robbing her off her youtube earnings. Lorraine also publicly confessed Thomas Chizhanje is the one who broke her virginity.

Do you think Lorraine is honestly envious of other girls being married whilst she is only but dating?

Do you also think Thomas Chizhanje wants Lorraine Guyo back or he is chasing after clout.

Save is yet another boyfriend who rode on Lorraine Guyo’s fame to market his wine business.


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