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Lodges Deny Accommodating Man With Albinism

Farmhouse transformed into lodge

Lodges Deny Accommodating Man With Albinism

Hamilton Muto, a 28-year-old man, is failing to secure accommodation in Harare where he went to seek medical attention due to his health condition.

Muto who hails from ward 8 in Zaka had a cancerous growth on the face and got an operation in September after well-wishers chipped in.

However, he is being denied accommodation at lodges in the city because his wound messes with bed linen since it is an open wound.

Sara Phineas Munemo who has been coordinating donations sent towards the welfare of Muto said they are stranded and plead for assistance in form of accommodation.

“We are pleading with any well-wisher who would like to accommodate Muto. Be it at a lodge or house, we will be paying for his rentals and upkeep.

“Muto is no longer welcome at lodges where he once stayed because they say he is an attention seeker and messes bed linen intentionally,” said Munemo.

Muto once stayed with his sister but the property owner had to chase him away due to his condition.

Currently, he is staying in Mufakose at one of his relative’s houses but fears she might dismiss him soon since she is not fully aware of the state in which Muto is.

“For the meantime, he has been offered a place to stay by her mother’s sister, but the two never met before. The woman is not aware of his condition and we are not sure if she will cope when she finds out,” said Munemo.

Muto currently going for blood tests every three weeks is on a special diet whilst being monitored by the doctor.
Doctor Mathew Wazara offered to operate and administer chemotherapy to Muto after TellZim News published a story of him seeking financial assistance to have an operation done.

For assistance towards Muto, he can be contacted through Munemo on +263 772 816 260.

Source | TELL ZIM

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