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lockdown lover’s paradise!

lockdown lover's paradise!

The open space between New Marimba and Mufakose has been turned into a lovers’ paradise where couples hang out as most recreational places have been forced to close due to the lock-down.

The lockdown has forced many couples to stay apart, but as the country continues to ease the rules, things are “improving” on the romantic front.

When H-Metro visited the area yesterday, couples could be seen practicing social distancing amongst them-selves as they spent time in the ‘park.’

The Covid-19 induced lockdown has seen malls, movie houses, and other recreational facilities shutting their doors or operating unusually, which has prompted these young couples to become innovative on how to spend time together.

lockdown lover's paradise!

Most of the couples that H-Metro saw, were taking advantage of the secluded area to fondle each other and kiss in public, which is probably what they were missing during the strict phase of lock-down.

Life in lockdown has been tough on many relationships of people living in different suburbs as there are numerous roadblocks and travel restrictions, but as the restrictions continue to be relaxed, lovers are reuniting.

lockdown lover's paradise!

However, the lovers do not realize that they are a danger even to each other as they are coming from different environments and through touching, hugging and kissing, they can infect each other with Covid-19.

lockdown lover's paradise!

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