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Lockdown forces Thigh Vendors off streets

Lockdown forces Thigh Vendors off streets

Thigh Vendors plying their trade in the Avenues area have been forced off the street corners as the patrolling officers are doing a sterling job, H-Metro has established.

A survey conducted by H-Metro has established that street corners are now clear during the day and night at their usual hooking spots.

So dire was the situation for the ‘thigh’ vendors that they are now resorting to selling groceries and their gadgets at giveaway prices for survival.

“The national Lockdown has dealt us a blow as we have lost our clients with patrolling officers worsening our situation as they are ordering us to be indoors,” said one of the hookers only identified as Tabeth.

“Takambovhunduka nemashoko ekuti vanhu vagare mudzimba asi patakazonzwa kuti kune vamwe vanenge vachishanda ndipo pakava netariro yedu ipapo asi tavekufunga kuti daitakabuda muguta.

“We are spending the whole night peeping outside but the streets are so clear zvekusaona kana benzi zvaro.

“We have resorted to selling groceries we used to keep for our children and parents and we do not know where it will take us since the COVID-19 is so threatening our livelihood.

“During the day we find our ways to get to the supermarkets to buy soft drinks like Pepsi and resale it at ZW$16 and when shops are closed they go for ZW$20.

“Today I had to walk to Mbare Flats expecting to meet a married man who promised to have quality time with me but I ended up walking a long distance back trying to avoid roadblocks.

“Police are questioning every movement and this is adding salt to the bleeding wound that I wish the government could consider us on poor people list in order to get meals,” said Tabeth.

“Since we do not know when this lockdown will come to an end considering what we are viewing other countries, we are now offering our services at very low charges in order to have few dollars for bus fare when push comes to shove.

“Kunevamwe varume vakatopindwa nechipfambi zvekuti haanzwe zvakanaka akasatanga apfuura nekumahure ivavo kana paroad block hamuvagone vachiuya kuzorapwa nesu ndivo varikutombotiraramisa,” said Tabeth.

Tabeth told H-Metro that street kids evading police are stealing their clothes and other items and sleeping by the stairs of the apartment.

“Tanzwa nekubirwa nemastreet kids arikutiza mapurisa vanouya vachirara pamasteps apa isu kuti tivarambidze tinotya kudzingwawo zvakare saka tatsvukira nekuzvivharira mumba,”she added.

Apart from the street corners where hookers were used to meet their clients, Harare Central Business District is clear that no street kids are seen roaming and begging.


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