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Local Farmer Introduces ‘Armenian cucumber’

Local Farmer Introduces 'Armenian cucumber'

Local Farmer Introduces ‘Armenian Cucumber’

A local youthful horticulture farmer believes innovation and hard work are important to succeed in agriculture after introducing an Armenian cucumber on the vegetable market.

Denford Mutetwa, who is into cash crop production in Melfort, has introduced the Armenian cucumber which is virtually new in the country.

Mutetwa said the youth should be able to dream and focus on the export market which will help improve the economy.

“We should not only focus on the local market but set our eyes on the export market and this all comes through hard work and innovation,” he said.

Local Farmer Introduces 'Armenian cucumber'

“The Armenian cucumber is something new to many people locally and we are confident the market will respond positively. The response has been good with a number of retail outlets giving us orders.

This was an idea I acquired during my time in Sudan and I decided to implement it here and eventually go for export,” he added.

Mutetwa said with proper support, the youth have huge chances of succeeding in agriculture.

“The youth are the future and with necessary support we will succeed. A number of youths have gone into farming and they lack in a number of areas mainly information, adequate inputs and land,” he said.

Mutetwa has also ventured into hibiscus farming, with his focus on tea, jam and drinks production.

“This is also an idea I got in Sudan and went further to research the hibiscus and I learned that a lot can come out of the plant and we are putting it into practice,” he said.

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