Loans for pastors’ wife

Destiny of Africa Network (DANet) founder, Reverend Obadiah Musindo, recently helped female pastors and wives of pastors in starting business projects saying marriage is not an achievement.

Loans for pastors’ wife

Addressing women in Glen Norah last Thursday who benefited through DaNet to access loans from a local bank, Rev Musindo challenged women not to concentrate in giving birth and fail to find ways to support the children.

“Women should be organised, they should not focus on having sex and giving birth to children they won’t be able to take care of.

“Zimbabwean women take expired birth control pills and still get pregnant because they have nothing else to do, they should at least have projects to keep them occupied.

“Poor people are the ones who give birth to many children, leave them begging in the streets and end up accusing their relatives of bewitching them when they fail in life.

“To me it’s a sin to give birth to children you cannot provide with enough needs neither can you control them,” he said.

Rev Musindo also told pastors to stop using their wives as a way of benefitting from the church.

“One of the evil things being left going on in churches includes forcing women to put uniforms as a way of raising money for their wives.

“Mafundisi muchatongwa nekunyebera shoko raMwari muchivavarira kuti madzimai enyu awane chekudya muchitadza kuti vaitemabasa anovararamisa.”

Rev Msindo said that female pastors should lead by example in their churches.

“Female pastors should lead by example, they should get loans and do projects so that other women can learn from them.

“We want these pastors to start making money right inside their churches,” he said.

He also said that they are helping women with business training and ideas.

“We are training cross boarder trader and giving them markets because markets are very important for whatever they are selling.

“We are also expanding and assisting those who are already in their businesses to grow.

“We have given loans to Glen Norah and Mufakose female pastors and pastor’s wives who are willing and dedicated,” said Msindo.


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