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List Of RBZ Farm Mechanization Programme Beneficiaries

List Of RBZ Farm Mechanization Programme Beneficiaries

Lawyer and academic Dr Alex Magaisa has released a second list of alleged beneficiaries of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ)’s controversial US$200 million Farm Mechanization Programme in 2007 and 2008.

Magaisa’s expose through his blog, the Big Saturday Read (BSR), caused a storm as some beneficiaries defended their actions claiming that they were never meant to pay back the money because the program was a grant and not a loan.

Former RBZ governor Gideon Gono issued severally statements claiming that there was nothing untoward about the programme. He insisted that the program was never a loan and as such beneficiaries were never expected to pay back.

However, Gono made a huge climbdown during a discussion on transparency on Thursday. He admitted that the Farm Mechanization Scheme had indeed started out as a loan programme before being changed into a grant. The former governor had a hard time explaining how and why the burden had been shifted to taxpayers.

Below is the list of more beneficiaries from the Farm Mechanisation Programme according to Dr Alex Magaisa’s BSR:

  • Ret. General Constantino Guvheya Chiwenga – US$395,018.00.
  • General Phillip Valerio Sibanda – US$111,584.00.
  • Lieutenant General Edzai Chimonyo – US$92,577.00.
  • Reitred General Vitalis Zvinavashe – US$85,350.00
  • Commissioner-General Godwin T. Matanga – US$365,839.00.
  • Retired Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri’s – US$299,697.00.
  • Commissioner Oliver Chibage – US$151,933.00.
  • Retired Air Chief Marshal Perrence Shiri – US$417,547.00
  • Retired Major General Paradzai Zimondi – US$379,980.00.
  • Colonel Overson Mugwisi – US$50,677.00.
  • Dr. Gerald Gwinji – US$73,699.00.
  • Engelbert Rugeje – US$88,487.00
  • Aaron Nhepera – US$333,869.00.
  • Happyton Bonyongwe – US$422,459.00
  • Mernard Muzariri – US$391,070.00
  • Crispen Makedenge – US$11,400.00
  • Azvinandava Saburi – US$83,730.00;
  • Norman Mataruka – US$105.505.00.
  • Omar Joosbi – US$90,175.00.
  • Jonathan Moyo – US$56,676.00
  • Saviour Kasukuwere US$159,208.00
  • Shuvai Mahofa – US$69,775.00,
  • Dick Makoni Chingaira (Cde Chinx) – US$99,285.00
  • Walter Mzembi – US$81,759.00
  • Charles Tawengwa – US$41,895.00
  • Mavis Gumbo – US$96,994.00.
  • Jane Mutasa – US$99,901.00.
  • Ngoni Kudenga – US$296,794.00.
  • Cuthbert Dube – US$86,634.00.


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  • Mashonaland Central – US$193,142.00
  • Midlands – US$113,198.00
  • Masvingo – US$2,292,698.00.
  • Chapwanya Business Centre – US$240,000.00.
  • Chitsa Business Centre – US$343,275.00.
  • Mvuma Police Station – US$216,000.
  • Mvuma Command Centre – US$360,000.00
  • Gwebo – US$120,000.00.
  • Bindura Hotel – US$196,974.00.
  • Nuanetsi Ranch – US$1,052,385.00
  • Karoi Offices – US$71,682.00.
  • Hippo Valley Country Club – US$1,689,900.00.
  • Mupandawana DA Office – US$2,554,024.00
  • Mupandawana Gutu – US$82,400.00.
  • Fanuel Dube (Nyamakiri Farm) – US$592,252.00,
  • Temba Nkatazo – US$323,329.00
  • Andrew Tapomwa – US$375,140.00
  • Godwin Chitsinde – US$342,717.00