Linda Masarira on a recruitment mission for her party.

“To put speculations to rest for those that think LEAD is a wishful thinking of my frustration with failing revolutionary efforts on the political arena and to show the whole nation of Zimbabwe and indeed the working population that LEAD has come to stay, today I officially notified ZEC through its Bulawayo and Matabeleland office that LEAD has entered the political field.” She bemoaned the current economic situation and said the current government has failed.

Linda Masarira ZIMETROOutspoken political activist Linda Masarira who recently formed her own party called ‘LEAD’ has embarked on a massive recruitment drive as she strives to rope in more members and strengthen her party. Masarira says she is determined that her party will be a force to reckon with in the country’s political discourse.

“…intentioned leaders out of frustration have resorted not only to corruption but also to repression as the pain of failure pulls them down.

“The generality of informed Zimbabwean citizens, in this global village, as they interact with nationals from other countries, have lost faith in our government, in big business, and other administrative institutions.” Masarira said her party was not targeting big names to grace its structures but rather it has resorted to rope in technocrats.

“LEAD is a people’s party, no big names. We are giving these people who have always been elbowed out of politics by strong men. We are redefining politics and giving every other person a chance to be in leadership and fix Zimbabwe. LEAD is focusing on organic grassroots intellectuals not political elites who are more concerned about self-aggrandizement than serving the people of Zimbabwe”

“The time has never been so ripe for a need to think about what principles should shape and guide our society to do a better job of delivering on human needs. “This a time for us to swallow our pride, introspect and try to find out where we are going wrong, especially as Zimbabweans,” she said.

Masarira was recently booted out of the by Thokozani Khupe led MDC-T after a picture of her wearing ZANU PF regalia went viral on social media. She told Zim Morning Post that her party now has structures in all parts of Zimbabwe as well as SADC region, the United Kingdom, the United States of America and Australia.


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