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LET’S UP THE GAME says Souljah Luv


LET’S UP THE GAME says Souljah Luv

SOUL Jah Love has questioned the work ethic of the new crop of Zim dancehall chanters.


The Conquering Family boss reckons the new breed of chanters gets into the comfort zone once they release a hit.

He opened up ahead of his fifth album launch slated for Harare gardens this Friday.

Titled Zviri Pandiri Zvihombe, the album launch will no doubt culminate into a pungwe of fun where seasoned and new chanters are set to alternate under one roof.

However, it is Chibaba’s piece of advice to young chanters they need to embrace to be at the top.

“When we started Zim dancehall up to now, we had the hunger to produce more hits and up to now we still spend much of our time in the studio despite being household names in the genre.

“If I look at the new crop of youngsters, my heart bleeds because they easily get into the comfort zone once they release a hit.

“In this genre, you need to keep yourself on your toes because there is stiff competition,” he said.

Chibaba, who is set to unite both old and new chanters at Harare gardens this Friday, said unity was important in the genre.

He also made this call after he attended Seh Calaz birthday bash in Mbare last weekend.

“I only wanted to show ghetto youths that unity is important. I have known Calaz for a while and we are now mature artistes.

“I don’t know whether he will come or not at Harare gardens but I wanted to show fans is the other side of me – love.

“I love to support fellow artists in the genre no matter how popular or less popular are they,” he said.

As the build-up to the album launch has reached its fever pitch, Soul Jah Love’s manager – Danman Machakanja – said Chibaba was ready to make history at the event.

“We are more than ready for the event where were are preaching unity among artistes.

“The album is now ready and it will carry 20 tracks and we do expect a full house at the event.”

He added:

“All the ground work has been done and we thank music promoters Chipaz for his efforts.

“As you know, Chipaz is now more of a family friend and we are happy that we has not deserted Jah Love form day one.

“If you have known Jah Love, he has his own high and flows but he remains committed to whatever he does.

“On that note, I urge all the doubting Thomases to show up at the Harare gardens and have fun at the event.”

Similar sentiments were echoed by abum launch coordinator Partson “Chipaz” Chimbodza who hailed Jah Love for his hard work and creative edge.

What has raised the appeal of the launch is the inclusion of his former wife Bounty Lisa in the line-up.

The former Conquering Family first lady who has been trading lyrical shots with Chibaba will be reunited with her ex on stage.

Zim dancehall stalwarts comprising Killer T, Freeman, Dhadza D, Nutty O, Sniper Storm, Tocky Vibes, Jay C, Lady Squanda, Guspy Warrior, Fantan, Ras caleb, Jah Signal Ricky Fire and Hwindi Preezident are set to perofrm at the event.

The new crop of chanters comprising Rnzo Ishall, Pumakol, Ipha Yut, Super Yut, Bazooker and Kadjah are also part of the bill.

Celebrated emcees and wheel-spinners comprising Godfatha Templeman and his sidekick Gary B, Abisha Palmer, Etherton Beenie, DJ Felvour, Chillspot Family and Merciless Zimbabwe are also part of the bill.

All these efforts are being made to celebrate the life of Chibaba as well as Zim dancehall’s dominance.

It is also a celebration of the growth of Zim dancehall from its humble beginnings.

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