Home LOCAL NEWS Lesbian rescued from Insatiable Ex-Lover demands

Lesbian rescued from Insatiable Ex-Lover demands

Lesbian rescued from Insatiable Ex-Lover demands

Lesbian rescued from insatiable ex-lover demands

A SELF-PROFESSED lesbian lover has told of the pain of becoming a wife to another woman and the consequences that will befall one when she decides to break that lesbian affair when the passionate romance is at its peak.

Linda Sphiwe Mpofu from Bulawayo’s Barbourfields suburb who last Friday was rescued by the court from her estranged lesbian lover Brenda Mugabazi’s ravenous mjolo demands revealed her first-hand experience of what it feels to be in a same-mjolo affair.

A seemingly regretful Linda said Brenda was now ‘making her life a living hell’ by repeatedly harassing her while also demanding mjolo from her as punishment for dumping her.

Linda, who claimed was forced into a lesbian relationship, said she had since moved on although it was not clear whether her latest partner was a man or a woman.

She said Brenda vowed never to let her go, hence her decision to rush to Bulawayo Civil Court and seek a protection order against her, adding that it was also after Bridget threatened her new partner.

“I have been living a lesbian life with Brenda (Mugabazi) who forced me into it and I have realized that I cannot continue with it (lesbian relationship). After we broke up, she came to my house and started shouting at me.

She also harasses me and threatens my new partner saying we should end our relationship.

“On 25 December 2020, she beat me up and I sustained a swollen left knee and foot and I am still limping up to now. Whenever she meets me, she harasses me and declares that I can’t leave her,” complained Linda.

She said she had decided to seek legal help after a series of rows with her ex-lover, who is always stalking her and demanding mjolo.

“I live with my 87-year-old grandmother and she comes to our place to harass and threaten us while demanding that I must go with her to her house since I am her wife”.

In January this year, Linda was granted an interim protection order after she said she was living in perpetual fear of Brenda’s actions and mjolo demands.

“My life is now in danger and I am always running from her. I am begging the honourable court to grant me a protection order against her so that she stops calling me and comes to my place.

This is because I want to live a normal life again,” pleaded Linda.

Her prayers were answered when presiding magistrate Nkosinomusa Ncube confirmed the interim order as a final one sternly charging Brenda to stay away from Linda’s house and workplace.

She was also ordered not to call or text her.

Source | BMetro

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