LEAKED CHATS WITH LOVER COST WOMAN MARRIAGE | The love for sx has allegedly cost a Harare woman a chance to be married following a series of leaked chats.

Cynthia Kudakwashe Sasa

For indulging in sex before marriage Cynthia Kudakwashe Sasa, 22, had her hopes of being married shattered a month before Calvin Mamhunze paid the bride price. Calvin says he had intended to show his virility to Cynthia on the day he paid lobola but the latter was already a senior in the adult game as exposed by the leaked WhatsApp messages.

In the chats Cynthia at one time goes against the idea of continuous sx with one Courage saying it would leave her too tired to attend church the next day.

“Tomorrow kuchurch sha ndozotadza kumuka in tym wandishandira,” she wrote with Courage.

Courage also talks to Cynthia in the chats as having gone for a long time without sx and was telling her he wanted to give her good sx without a condom at her place.

In response to the idea Cynthia said:

“I am afraid of sx without a condom but will do it when we get married.”

Calvin said when Cynthia was no longer forthcoming in their relationship that is when he suspected that she was cheating.

“I started dating Cynthia on the 18th of October 2017 and the problems of cheating emanated when she visited my workplace in Bindura and I denied her sx twice telling her that we were not supposed to have sx before marriage,” said Calvin.

“We had agreed that we were not supposed to engage in se_xual inter_course but she was not in agreement.

“On the 2nd of this month, I told Cynthia to come and visit my workplace and she refused.

“I then sent my friend to stalk her and monitor her movements and my friend saw Cynthia with Courage at Cool Banana Lodge in Southerly Park.

“We had agreed that on the 13th of November, we were supposed to go to Inyanga to see her brother who was in boarding school.”

Calvin said he was still hurting as he had planned to marry his fiancée next month.

Calvin Mamhunze

“The most painful part is that I was planning to marry her next month and I had already introduced her to my parents.

“On Sunday, I followed her when she was not aware and I saw her with Courage at Machipisa Shopping Centre.

“I was not sure if she was dating Courage so yesterday (Tuesday) I had to lie that I wanted to use her phone implying there is someone who wanted to send money on her phone so then she agreed.

“I went through her WhatsApp and scrolled her chats with Courage and that is when I got a shock of my life only to realise that she was dating Courage.”

Contacted for comment, Cynthia’s phone was answered by someone who identified herself as Mai Tinotenda.

Mai Tinotenda also claimed to be Cynthia’s sister-in-law.

“Cynthia has never dated Calvin,” said Mai Tinotenda.

“I only know Courage as her boyfriend but the problem is that Calvin loves Cynthia as well to the extent that he is obsessed with her.

“He was told by Cynthia that she had a boyfriend and she doesn’t love him so he was not in agreement with this and always followed her everywhere.

“What happened yesterday is that he asked to see Cynthia’s phone to see who she is dating but she refused and he took the phone by force and ran away and went on to print the chats.”

Mai Tinotenda added:

“The reason why he came to H-Metro is that he was hurting after he discovered that Cynthia was in love with another man.”

Courage could not be reached for comment at the time of going to print as his phone was not reachable.

However, Calvin’s mother said she was aware that the two know each other.

“The two are always together, vanogara vachienda vese kuchibhorani nemwana wangu.

“I can’t confirm whether they are in love, ndofanira kutanga ndataura nemwana wangu kuti ndinzwe kuti ndeipi iri kuitika,” she said.


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