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Lazzie T angered by Van Choga’s move to part ways with YalaNation

Van Choga, Seh Calaz part ways

So last night news broke out that Van Choga was no longer an artist of yalaNation and had parted ways with Seh Calaz too.

We got to know about the energetic singer after Seh Calaz had posted one of his crazy energy performing clips on his Instagram account.

People went crazy over the clip and he started posting more of them until he became a celebrity as many people liked his style. Even ladies are doing all sorts of Van Choga challenges.

He has done tracks that have been getting airplay and it is believed Seh Calaz made connections for him to perform at ZBC TV’s online gigs partnering with NASH Paints TV. Seh Calaz also performed with him in one

The news has been met with mixed feelings, the majority though saying he made a wrong decision to leave YalaNation. They are saying its too early for him to be standing on his own. One of the many people who were not happy about this move is popular producer Lazzie T who worked with Van Choga and was promoting his music as well.

Check his message below:


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