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Lawyers Speak As Moira Knight Threatens To Leak Video

The fallout between Zimdancehall musician Seh Calaz and his wife Moira Knight seems to have taken a nasty turn after the latter threatened to leak her estranged hubby’s tape.

The drama between the pair started over the weekend when Moira took to social media to shame the Yala Nation Music boss accusing him of abusing drugs and neglecting to take care of the family.

This did not go down well with Seh Calaz, whose real name is Tawanda Mumanyi. The musician fired back with a social media post of his own in which he said that the couple’s marriage was over. He also explained that he was refraining from spilling the dirt on his wife because she is the mother of his child.

Things appeared to have cooled down after the public split. However, a few hours later, Moira was back on Instagram threatening to leak Seh Calaz’s bedroom tapes. Using social media platform Instagram, Moira posted on the stories feature saying,

Who wants to see a video of somebody mastur🥴🍆💦 ?

Kutadza kutengera mwana toy kmt (sic)

Moira also rehashed some of the allegations she had made about the musician abusing drugs. She posted an image showing many empty containers of cough syrups such as Histalix and Broncleer.

Broncleer, which goes by the colloquial name of Bronco is widely abused by the youth. Some resort to Histalix and other cough syrups when Bronco is not readily available.

Moira captioned the image with,

Stop abusing substances then go out acting like a role model. It’s pathetic. You are actually sick in the head.

Seh Calaz is yet to respond to the latest development. Nevertheless, several lawyers have offered to represent Seh Calaz for free after they saw his wife’s threat. Writing on social media, lawyer Thabani Mnyama Jr said,

If anyone has links to Seh Calaz kindly help me link with him. I’d like to help if his ex leaks the pics she’s threatening to leak. No to such criminal behavior.

Surprisingly, however, some people cautioned the lawyer to stay away from people’s private lives.

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