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Lawyer ‘Thabani Mpofu’ to appear in court today

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Chamisa’s lawyer and member of his legal advisory team Thabani Mpofu is expected to appear in court today on allegations of conniving with a former lawyer at Venturas and Samukange law firm to poach a client.

Mpofu was arrested two days ago and has been detained at Rhodesville Police Station in Harare pending remand court hearing.

He is expected to appear at the Harare Magistrates Court facing charges of conniving with Everson Samukange, who is on his own account facing extortion charges, fraud and money laundering involving US$294 031.

Mpofu is also reportedly facing two other counts, where he is reportedly jointly charged with three other suspects, who, according to police are still at large.

The incidents are said to have taken place in January and February last year.

Mpofu’s lawyer Ms Beatrice Mtetwa yesterday said: “We have been advised by the police that they are bringing a new charge where they are alleging he connived with Mr Everson Samukange, who was working at Venturas and Samkange law firm to divert a file for client who was at that law firm into their own client.

“Adv Mpofu will deny that charge.”

According to the State, on 29 August 2018, Samukange tendered his resignation without proper notice.

He was permitted to take three files that contained material of three clients that he had been working.

It is alleged when the law firm was going through Mr Samukange’s paperwork, it was discovered that some unpaid invoices and files were missing.

This was reported to the Law Society of Zimbabwe before an audit of the files was conducted in his office.

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