LATEST :ZODWA BARRED FROM PERFORMING AT THE HARARE CARNIVAL | Former Studio 263 actor Anne Nhira publicly expressed her objection to Zodwa WaBantu attending the 2017 edition of the Harare carnival.


In an earlier newspaper article which can be found here Nhira expresses her disgust at the fact that the government sees fit to give a South African “provocateur” R20k to appear at prestigious national event yet countless local female celebrities have been vilified for the same behavior the ZTA was paying Zodwa for.

The socialite took the matter further and even wrote a string of letters to the relevant authorities.It seems her concerns have caught the attention of The Acting Minister of Tourism Patrick Zhuwawo if the letter she shared on her Facebook wall is anything to go by.

Below is an excerpt from her recent post.

I am ecstatic that the Zimbabwean Government has responded quickly to my letter of objection about “Zodwa wabantu” coming to Zimbabwe .She will no longer be attending the Zimbabwe National Tourism Carnival event.The Zimbabwean Government has made the decision and I am happy with their decision as stated in the letter below from the Acting Minister of Tourism,and the Minister of Youth ,Indigenization and Economic Empowerment , Honourable Patrick Zhuwao after receiving my Letter of concern together with Ministry of Women Affairs and Ministry of Rural Development

This is my message to all Zimbabweans.If you are a Citizen of Zimbabwe and you have concerns ,you should direct them to the Government and speak out .

#Iam Zimbabwean



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