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Lasizwe Mourns his aunt who died due to COVID-19

Lasizwe Mourns his aunt who died due to COVID-19

Lasizwe has shared a heartbreaking ordeal that has occurred in his family. The reality star recently lost his aunt, who had been previously diagnosed with cancer, to COVID-19.

He took to social media to open up about the pain he is feeling and how real the virus is as it has hit home in the most cruel way.

Lasizwe said that his aunt contracted the virus from a relative who had visited his late aunt, and it was later discovered that the relative tested positive for the virus. It gets worse because the relative infected everyone in the household including the children.

“I’m so shattered! My aunt had been diagnosed with cancer, recently one of the family members visited to check up on my aunt kanti they have Covid. They infected everyone from the kids to the adults who were there and now just got a call that my aunt has passed on!” he shared.

With restrictions put in place, funerals have been given strict precautionary measures to be adhered to and Lasizwe is disheartened at how it will be conducted as everyone close to the aunt is infected.

“I am so numb! I can’t imagine how the funeral arrangements are going to be made as everyone in that household could potentially have covid!” he said.


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