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Lady Zamar Reacts To Sjava’s Rape Claim Video, Says “Sjava” Has Amnesia

Sjava & Lady Zamar’s rape drama heats up – Voice Clip of them arguing in a closed room released

South African house music sensation, Lady Zamar has been on the spotlight for some time now ever since she filed for a rape case against ex-boyfriend and fellow musician Sjava, late last year.

Following a very long silence from the two over the accusations, Sjava finally broke the silence last night in an emotional Instagram video where he vehemently denied raping the songbird.

The rape allegations have put a serious damper on Sjava’s career as he shared how he is has been losing gigs and promoters do not want to touch him. The latest of which is the alleged drop from Uzalo.

On the other hand, Lady Zamar has come under fire since accusing Sjava of rape, as she is accused of faking the whole ordeal to get back at the rapper.

The revered songbird, real name Yamikani Janet Banda seems to have shaded the rapper in her new tweet following Sjava’s post.

Although she is yet to directly address Sjava’s video, Lady Zamar coincidently shared tweets – just a few hours after Sjava’s video – which insinuated she was talking about Sjava’s video.

She stated, “Amnesia is an interesting disease.”, and “Games people play” in two of her seperate tweets.


An amnesia is a form of memory loss where one cannot recall facts or past experiences – some may even lose their own identity from the disease.

This hit home to so many of Sjava fans who did not take time to question the Collide hit singer if she meant that Sjava has amnesia – hence, he could not recall raping her in his statement.

Sjava and Lady Zamar’s issue comes at a critical time in South Africa where gender-based violence, rape and femicide has been quite topical in the country following a disturbing rise in cases.

While some sympathize with Lady Zamar, tweeps have notably been divided on the issue, with many siding with Sjava.


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