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Lady T: I’m not dating Soul Jah Love

Tanyaradwa Masango

Lady T: I’m not dating Soul Jah Love.

The 31-year-old said there was a misconception when people saw her picture with Jah Love and the picture also got her into trouble with her family. “My dad called accusing me of doing drugs with Jah Love and others are saying we are dating. “Truth is Jah Love is just a good friend though people say I’m dating him, we are not an item we are just friends,” said Lady T.

Tanyaradwa MasangoSouth Africa based music promoter and socialite Tanyaradwa “Lady T” Masango has denied allegations that they are an item with Soul Jah Love.

Lady T said she helped Jah Love come out clean on drugs and that’s when her picture appeared in the paper and sent negative thoughts in people’s minds. “I am the one who told him to come out clean with this drug issue so maybe he felt the need to put our pic together.

Lady T and souljah Love“But there is nothing, he is a very busy guy but when he is not busy, we hang out together and its strictly for the good of the two of us musically. “I’m running an anti-drug campaign in the music industry just to encourage artists to stay off drugs and focus on their careers and stand as leaders,” she said.

The founder of Lady Tee entertainment said she has been loyal to Conquering Family even when Jah Love was still with Bounty Lisa. “I have been loyal to both of them for years and I have been a Conquering family hype lady for years now.

“And all his SA tours I’m the one who hypes the posters and make sure the shows fill up because I have a huge musical fan base digitally,” she said. Lady T, who is also a model and brand owner, said she thinks Bounty Lisa has an issue with her over her ex-hubby.

“I think Bounty is a bit offended that I’m close to her ex but what can we do its all about the family. “She stopped talking to me but when I asked one of my artists who had got close to her if she had any reason for hating me, I heard disturbing stories,” said Masango.

Lady T said she will be having a show in June. “I got a show this coming June in Zimbabwe with Norman from Extra Large, the purpose of this show is to uplift ghetto youths who are singing on the Helmet type of dancehall music,” she said.



The businessman/socialite caused chaos a few weeks ago with his outfit in America which had people grill him and we were there to dish out your views. Not so long ago he was being accused of sleeping with Star FM’s Miss V Candy.

GINIMBI ZIMETROBut the rumours have since been settled. Well, the socialite is back in the country and he was at it again as he showed off his fancy assets…MORE HERE

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