Lady Storm aka Eriza facing difficulties.

She revealed that she is keeping a low profile so as to perfect her stage performance through rehearsals and to finish recording her upcoming album. Lady Storm continues battling her way up the entertainment ladder regardless of setbacks she faces as a mother and female artiste.

Lady Storm

“I’m perfecting my stage through rehearsals and I am busy in the studio. I have a new album coming soon so put on your dancing shoes,” said Lady Storm. Lady Storm said with the economic challenges in Zimbabwe, she does not rely only on showbiz but also sells cosmetics and Brazilian hairpieces for women.

She said motherhood has not been much of a setback for her since during the week when she is not rehearsing or recording, she makes time for her daughter. Lady Storm also revealed that she was not really a dancer but a singer adding that dancing comes as a compliment or an added advantage for her.

Lady-StormAs a female artiste, she said she was not spared from male predators. “Men will always be men so it is up to me to value myself but I’m always nice to them,” said Lady Storm. She revealed that with the current economic challenges being faced nowadays, she once considered quitting but her passion keeps her going.


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