Lady fans haunt Enzo Ishall


Lady fans haunt Enzo Ishall

…Magate getting criminal?

Dancehall chanter Enzo Ishall says whenever he performs his Magate hit song, ladies go crazy on stage with some stri_pping to their undergarments.

In a recent show that the 24-year-old headlined in Shamva, three ladies stormed the stage, took off their bottoms and showcased their thongs as perceived in the verse “…uriwetambo pakati sekenduru, mhandu yechinono, une chuma muchiuno…”.

This was before the trio stripped naked in a viral video and allowed the crowd to caress them in a move likely to be deemed an offense by the local gatekeepers.

“The fact is that I am failing to contain the hype around the Magate song. I can’t stop the train.

“I can’t even handle the fans myself; they love the song so much and the challenge is getting out of hand especially with the ladies who are now doing everything in their power to dance to the tune.

“The weekend in Shamva was something else; the ladies there behaved like they were possessed,” Enzo told H-Metro.

He said his fans have started copying the Jamaican style.

“I have only seen this type of dancing on television being practiced by Jamaican dancehall choreographers.

“I was surprised to see this in Shamva; the ladies just stormed the stage after hearing the Magate sound intro.

“I never met those ladies and they were not part of our crew.

“Before we knew it phones were already recording then the ladies stripped and allowed the fans to touch them everywhere on their bodies,” said Enzo.

Enzo’s handler and one of Chillspot proprietors, DJ Fantan, said he was also having a torrid task containing their lady fans.

“As Enzo’s manager, this has become a huge task for me at every event that he is performing.

“I have since told him to only perform the first lines of the song or we will completely avoid it on our playlist during public events,” he said.

DJ Fantan also said the camp was well aware of the repercussions of such acts if ever they are summoned by the censorship board.

“We are very much aware that we have a working censorship board in Zimbabwe that stands for sanity in our art.

“The events in Shamva were unforeseen and uncalled for, we would like to apologize and take this time to read the riot act to our fans.

“To our fans Enzo is saying ngatiiteyi zveMagate chete, izvi zvamakuita ndezveMadhishi,” he said.

H-Metro has also reported that the Kanjiva hit singer was last December involved in a domestic dispute with his erstwhile wife Trish over erotic videos he recorded on the Magate song.

Enzo has since separated with his wife over the violence that ensued.

The chanter says he is also working on a new song and video off the song Muchiround and his fans should look forward to the Java medley.



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