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Kwekwe Infectious Diseases Hospital Commissioned


Kwekwe Infectious Diseases Hospital Commissioned

The Midlands Province has made significant strides in the fight against COVID-19 following the commissioning of the Kwekwe Infectious Diseases Hospital.

Speaking at the commissioning of the hospital, which was established in partnership with local companies, Midlands Minister for Provincial Affairs and Devolution, Larry Mavima, said:

Midlands province has taken huge strides towards the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic including the completion of this facility (Kwekwe Infectious Diseases Hospital) which we strongly believe will rate as one of the most useful pieces of infrastructure in the city and the province as a whole.

Mavima also applauded mining companies in the province for the support that they are giving the government to help fight COVID-19. Added Mavima:

Refurbishment of the Infectious Diseases Hospital in Gweru City also through Government of Zimbabwe funding and support from Mimosa mines.

Conversion of male wards at Kwekwe General Hospital and Gokwe South District Hospital into COVID-19 complaint wards through the government of Zimbabwe funding support.

Completion and commission by HE of the Zvishavane private ward fully funded by Mimosa Mines and opening of Hwata Clinic in Chirumhanzu District which was constructed through Government of Zimbabwe devolution funds.

He also expressed gratitude to private and United Nations agencies who have offered support to the government in the COVID-19 fight.

At the height of the coronavirus crisis, a total of 5 quarantine centres in the province, that is, Gweru Polytechnic College, Mkoba teachers’ college, Kwekwe High School, Senga Training Centre and Dadaya Youth Training Centre, were established. All the centres have since been closed.

To date, Midlands has recorded 10 573 Covid-19 positive cases, 9 750 recoveries and 421 deaths.

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