Kwekwe hospital in need


Kwekwe hospital in need

Kwekwe General Hospital Medical Superintendent Dr. Patricia Mapanda has appealed for help from the business community to prioritize the hospital needs.

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Speaking during a meeting on the state of food security and agriculture within Kwekwe district, Dr. Mapanda urged District Administrator Fortune Mupungu to engage the business community.

“We are having a challenge in acquiring the food to feed the patients because whenever we approach the supermarkets to buy bread, mealie meal and other basic commodities they tell us that they do not have the commodities.

“We have a number of patients who want to be fed and because of the shortage of food, they will end up suffering from malnutrition because of lack of nutrients.

“The hospital must be prioritized so we kindly ask for assistance in that regard so that purchasing of basic commodities would not be a challenge for us,” said Doctor Mapanda.

Kwekwe General hospital covers the entire district as it gets referrals from clinics and Mission hospitals in Silobela, Zhombe, Redcliff and many other surrounding areas so Dr Mapanda’s plight was also based on the fact that some of the patients come from the rural areas and they have no relatives nearby to bring them food.

“Some of the patients come from Zhombe and others from surrounding rural areas so mostly they cannot afford to buy food and they have no relatives close by to assist them,” said Dr. Mapanda.

The DA assured Dr. Mapanda that he would engage the business community to prioritize the hospital in terms of their service provision. Kwekwe Grain Marketing Board representative who was in the meeting also agreed to prioritize the hospital in their service provision.

Dr. Mapanda thanked other well-wishers, Zimbabwe Republic Police and Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services for the support that they are rendering to the hospital.

“We are grateful to the well-wishers who are assisting the hospital in many ways not forgetting the ZRP and ZPS who are helping us in our nutrition garden they have done a great job for us we are very grateful as Kwekwe General Hospital,” said Dr. Mapanda.



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