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KwaZulu-Natal Housewife wins R56 million Powerball jackpot with a R7.50 ticket


KwaZulu-Natal Housewife wins R56 million Powerball jackpot with a R7.50 ticket

Well of late it seems as if KwaZulu-Natal has the plug when it comes to Powerball jackpots. In recent weeks it has been confirmed that several KZN residents have won the Powerball lottery.

However, this time around it’s not a man but a woman. Yes, of late women have come to the party and have been practicing and defying all odds when it comes to playing the lottery.

No doubt fortune favours the bold. A KZN woman has bagged R56 million in Powerball after buying a R7.50 ticket. National lottery operator Ithuba said the woman was one of two winners of the R112m May draw.

However, the other winner was a Western Cape father of three. The father of three has it that he wants to use a portion of his winnings to exhume the remains of his loved ones and give them a secure and peaceful resting place.

The winning ticket was bought at Meerensee Dried Fruits and Nuts, in Richards Bay, KwaZulu Natal. The winner selected her winning number manually. The KZN winner had this to say after hitting the jackpot.

“I’ve been playing the same numbers ever since the PowerBall launched in South Africa. I was not aware that I had won until I came across an article in my local newspaper looking for one of the R56m PowerBall jackpot winners.

“I decided to check my ticket and, to my surprise, I was the lucky winner, which happened to be on the same day that my late husband passed away one year ago. The winner said she was “already blessed with everything that I need”.

“I will use the winnings to buy my son and his wife a brand-new house and car. I will also help by looking after my mother financially and assist my best friend who is going through financial difficulties at the moment, I will invest the rest of my winnings,” said the stay-at-home mother.

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