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Kombis, Mushika-shika Back!

Kombis, Mushika-shika Back!

Kombis, Mushika-shika Back!

Despite the Government’s efforts to curb the adverse effects of COVID-19, with a lock-down in place, some kombi’s and pirate taxis have sneaked back onto the road.

Kombis, Mushika-shika Back!

ZiMetro News has learned that in Chitungwiza yesterday established that kombi’s and pirate taxis, popularly known as mushika-shika, were plying local routes charging amounts ranging from zwl$ 10.

Announcing the 21-day lockdown last month, President Mnangagwa said Zupco buses, as well as Public Service Commission buses, would be ferrying people who offer essential services, but some mushika-shika, kombi’s, and taxis are back.

Some kombi’s and pirate taxis ply St Mary’s-Makoni Shopping Centre via Zengeza route, while others ply St Mary’s-Makoni via Seke Unit L suburb route.

Police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi yesterday said it was criminal that kombis were resurfacing on the road without being given a go-ahead, adding that police would descend heavily on offenders.

“We have heard of these pirate taxis and kombis plying various routes illegally. “The police deployed in the suburbs should ensure that there are no unruly elements, where kombis and pirate taxis defy the law.

Those people should be arrested,” said Ass Comm Nyathi. He said police had noted that motorists were using bush roads into the city to avoid police clearance points, in accordance with lockdown requirements.

“Motorists should adhere to regulations. Those who are using dubious means to get into town will be dealt with,” said Ass Comm Nyathi.

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