The King Lobengula Foundation started celebrating the Mandela100 Centenary Celebration by joining forces with the SANDF and the Makhanda Municipality in Joza to pick up some litter spread around the beautiful grounds.


The Event then proceeded at BB Zondani Hall were the Children from Andrew Moyake Primary School. The primary school has a rich history, as one of the descendants of King Lobengula went to school during the 1920’s. They did their best to dance and sing for the ever enthusiastic crowd of about 137 Community members who came to see their children in action.

We hope that we will have more of these Events in the Fingo Village Township, as the place has so much history.

It is the reason that the king Lobengula Foundation is planning another big Event to open a new Museum in the township, which would be named Princess Zila who recently passed away on the 28 May 2018, leaving behind a legacy of her parents to restore and protect the Lobengula Graves at Kwa-Ndancama, Fingo Village.

We hope before the end of this year the Foundation would raise enough Funds to Renovate the establishment in order that the last of the direct descendants of Albany kaNjube kaLobengula kaMzilikazi is kept alive..

The planned Development of the Princess Zila African Literacy Museum is part of the Cultural Village that is situated in Fingo Village. The Development would include a Museum with an Art Gallery; and within the premises it would have an African Restaurant; and Accommodation Facilities. The Cultural Village is located in tranquil surrounding in one of the most oldest area.

The Cultural Village would have a Performance stage for live shows and also act as an entry point to all the Heritage sites found in and around Fingo Village, in Makhanda.

The King Lobengula Foundation would be involved in helping the Young children in our Community in the fields of Creative Arts and other Development Skills such as Aquaponics Training another Environmentally healthy farming method.

We planning to tour the Country in sending the message of “unity and social justice” in order to improve the quality of our People through Constructive and Innovative ways of earning a living.

Sizwe Mda

56 B Street
Fingo Village
Cell: +27 7366498



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