Kikky Baddass and Vimbai Zimuto’s feud continues.

Kikky Badass made the sensational remarks whilst commenting on an Instagram post by Zimuto in which she had captioned ‘new project’. In the comment, Kikky claimed accused Zimuto of copying her music video concept that she did with Blaqs in 2017. ” She has not been in the game for long, even if she was, nooone knew who the f**k she was. We only started knowing her because she was posting those photos.

Vimbai Zimuto and Kikky50-Magate Video vixen Kikky Baddass real name Christabel Mahlungwa has fired shots at Netherlands based songstress Vimbai Zimuto alleging that her claim to fame was as a result of her photograph series. ” There is no problem in finding inspiration and just acknowledging,” said Kikky Badass.

Kikky Badass ZIMETRO

Kikky badass’s comments sparked outrage from some social media users who accused the rapper of attention seeking. ” I’m not even looking for attention, looking for attention from who? Check who has more followers than who.

” I don’t have a problem supporting women. We can support each other but the problem is you take my creative work and then not acknowledge where you stole it, Kana ndimiwo zvakanaka here izvozvo,” she said.

Contacted for comment, the Netherlands based musicians said she did not know any song by Kikky Badass adding that she has never met her physically.


” I have absolutely nothing to say about her, handina kana song yake yandinoziva.
” And I’ve never met her, the first time I saw her was pa live yakaitwa na Plot Mhako about why female artists in Zimbabwe are not being recognised. She was one of his guests including me.

” I just know the name but personally I don’t know her,” she said. Vimbai also added that she was not bothered with people who were simply trying to ride on her fame since she has a different perspective of her self.

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