Kikky Badass: Don’t chase people its too much cardio, you will lose your b00ty gains.

The rapper and 50 Magate dancer is here with some love advice to all the women. She is saying her piece of mind and we think it’s wise to share it with the rest of the world especially all the girls out there. Check the message and her latest hot pictures…

Kikky Badass ZIMETRO

I promise, healing begins with the hurt, and I promise that you’ll never be the same, but I can’t promise if you’ll raise a victim or a victor, though I can promise that YOU have the freedom to choose. 🌞🧚‍♀️#StillMyFavShootToDate

Kikky Badass legs ZIMETRO

At this point in my life authenticity is vital, any form of relationship that doesn’t come with CLARITY is not for me.


Some advice for you ladies:


Kikky Badass Advice

One thing about my intuition, It’s never lied, so now I know for a fact I can trust it, and by doing that I can trust myself.

Kikky Badass

The best revenge is no revenge, just move on and be happy. This is why I have a few girls as my homies.


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