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‘Khupe Was Rejected By Voters In 2018, Her Return To Parliament Is A Fraud’


Fadzayi Mahere, the MDC Alliance’s spokesperson has called the controversial return of MDC T 2014 structures Thokozani Khupe to the Parliament of Zimbabwe a fraud since voters rejected Khupe in 2018.

In an interview with the publication, Mahere said Khupe who replaced one of the proportional representation MPs she recalled is returning to the parliament using the backdoor after being rejected by voters:

Khupe was rejected by the people in 2018. It is a fraud that she is now returning to parliament through the backdoor and as the leader of a party that beat her by over two million votes. There can be no greater electoral theft than this one.

Mahere also said Khupe’s parliament return was also illegal:

No other person or institution has the mandate or authority to reinstall Khupe into parliament. The result is that parliament is now tainted by the legitimacy crisis.

The biggest victim of this showboating has been the will of the people and the daily struggles that they face, a broken economy, the crisis in education and crippled public health.

To top it all, Zanu PF has banned elections, confirming what we have said all along. Mnangagwa presides over a violent, fascist dictatorship that is at war with the people. Democracy is dead.

We will continue to fight against this attempt to return Zimbabwe to a one-party state

Khupe has so far recalled over 84 MDC Alliance councilors countrywide and 31 legislators which she replaced with her allies.

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