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Khupe Recalls 8 More MDC Alliance Senators

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The leader of the opposition MDC-T has recalled more MDC Alliance senators in a move viewed as a strategy to instil loyalty from legislators.

The recalled Senators are:

  1. Gideon Shoko,
  2. Helen Zviviri,
  3. Sphiwe Ncube,
  4. Tapfumanei Muzoda,
  5. Meliwe Phuti,
  6. Phylis Ndlovu,
  7. Herbert Sinampande,
  8. Kerencia Chabuka.

The MDC Alliance led by Nelson Chamisa accused Khupe of being used by the ruling ZANU PF to continue the “onslaught” on the party.

Meanwhile, some of the recalled legislators and councillors have remained defiant and continued to support Chamisa while some have defected to the Khupe faction.

Khupe is recalling the MDC Alliance legislators and councillors arguing that they have defected from the MDC-T the “party they were representing in the 2018 elections,” therefore, they have to be recalled.

Meanwhile, MDC Alliance says it a standalone party that contested in the 2018 elections, therefore, Khupe’s actions are illegal and uncalled for.

The courts are seized with the matter to determine whether the MDC Alliance is a party or not with two rulings on the matter so far contradicting.

It is also important to note that MDC Alliance, an amalgamation of 7 opposition parties, was formed as an electoral coalition in 2017 to dislodge the ruling ZANU PF from power.

Some parties to the alliance have since left the coalition. These include Transform Zimbabwe led by Jacob Ngarivhume.

Source | MDC Alliance