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‘Khupe, Mwonzora Are Cowards & Hypocrites’

MDC bigwig in hot soup as party’s financial woes mount

A constitutional law expert and political analyst, Alex Magaisa has criticised some MDC leaders who are celebrating a recent Supreme Court ruling on succession issues within the party, saying those leaders are cowards and hypocrites.

In his latest Big Saturday Read (BSR), Magaisa says that the officials were afraid of challenging the then MDC president Morgan Tsvangirai when he appointed two additional vice presidents in 2016, but are now condemning the decision while they also claim to be defending the late democrat’s legacy. Magaisa wrote:

They knew there was illegality and they participated in it, giving the impression that it had been corrected and endorsed by the party.

… It is easy to blame Tsvangirai who is no longer around to explain or defend his decision but the leaders who stood by and failed to correct the illegality because they preferred not to rock the boat are all complicit in the illegality.

Ironically, they should now want to claim the moral high ground four years after the event and two years after his death when they did nothing to correct it.

It is even more hypocritical that the same people who are celebrating the finding that Tsvangirai acted illegally are, at the same time, claiming to be guardians of his legacy.

They forget that if Tsvangirai were alive, it is he who would have been embarrassed by the Supreme Court decision they are celebrating.

On Thursday, the Supreme Court upheld the ruling by the High Court that there were illegalities in Tsvangirai’s move to appoint two deputy presidents in 2016 and Nelson Chamisa’s rise to the Acting Presidency of the MDC-T in February 2018.

The declared that Thokozani Khupe is the legitimate successor to Tsvangirai and the MDC should hold an extraordinary congress within 3 months.


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