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Khupe Denies Having A Soft Spot For ED & His Govt

Chamisa’s Rivals Clash During First National Council Meeting

In an interview with Newsday, Thokozani Khupe’s spokesperson Khalipani Phugeni said Khupe does not have a soft spot for President Mnangagwa and his leadership style. When asked if that was true, Phugeni said:

It is the same malicious campaign I have been speaking to. Khupe did not meet Mnangagwa until after the elections and the Constitutional Court had confirmed his electoral win. At a Press conference, she held immediately after the election, she said: “the elections were free of violence, but they were not fair”.

She went on to make the case (as to) why they didn’t pass the standard of fairness, but as a democrat she needed to be magnanimous even in loss and congratulate the winner as she would have expected the same had she prevailed, hence you saw her at that (Mnangagwa) inauguration ceremony.

Now juxtapose her position to that of her detractors; on January 5, 2018 Nelson Chamisa takes Mnangagwa to visit the late Tsvangirai.

The previous year (on) November 24, 2017 Chamisa attended the inauguration of Mnangagwa, but later on dismissed him as a coup President.

April 18, 2018, Chamisa and his friends attended the Independence celebrations presided over by Mnangagwa.

In all these instances, there is a presumption that Chamisa is involved in some noble national engagement with Mnangagwa for the good of the nation and no one must so much impute bad motive by even suggesting that Chamisa was on an individual selfish errand to land a GNU which he will be appointed Prime Minister.

As long as there was the hope of (Mnangagwa) appointing Chamisa and his grouping to the national executive of the country there was no coup.

(The late former President Robert) Mugabe resigned legally and the promise of the second republic was true. Zanu PF was pristine and associated with Mugabe and his G40 was evil and treasonous, hence the spurious attempt to link Khupe and others to Mugabe and his G40.

Khupe’s spokesperson went on to say Chamisa and his camp insinuated that Mugabe and his camp were better than President Mnangagwa and his government.

We know now that actually it’s the G40 and Mugabe who were pristine, according to Chamisa and his group and engaging a duly-elected President of the republic is not only scandalous but a betrayal of “the struggle”.

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