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Khupe Bashed Of Being Power Hungry & Self Imposing Herself As Presidential Candidate


Khupe Bashed Of Being Power Hungry & Self Imposing Herself As Presidential Candidate

Ex MDC-T deputy president Thokozani Khupe, was bashed for being a power hungry person and accused of imposing herself as presidential candidate of her faction ahead of the faction’s extraordinary congress tomorrow.


MDC-T youth leader, Happymore Chidziva expressed his weariness on the matter

“She has called for an extraordinary congress for her party yet she has already been declared 2018 presidential candidate, further she has branded cars showing she is a presidential candidate, so why then is she going to congress. It shows you that her claims to constitutionalism are fake, this is just a cry for power,” he said.

“The people, like our former spokesperson, who used to accuse the State media of peddling falsehoods have all of a sudden become the darling of these institutions lying through their teeth. It shows you it’s not about the people, but love for power. We are, however, unmoved as we continue working for the people,” Chidziva said.

The sacked Obert Gutu, from MDC-T is reportedly eyeing to be Khupe’s deputy, and has also indicated that his boss will be the presidential candidate.

Already images of branded vehicles dubbed Vote Dr Khupe 2018 are circulating on social media.

Khupe’s personal assistant, Witness Dube who defended his boss, said the campaign materials were for the congress.

“The campaign we are ready for Dr Khupe is for congress and not for the national elections. The position of party president is open and anyone can contest that is democracy,” he said.

Just a few weeks before the extraordinary congress, Dube said nominations for the positions were not yet open although he said Khupe was already openly campaigning for the presidency.

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