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Khama Billiat Under Attack

Khama Billiat Ranked Africa’s 3rd Most Valuable Football Player

Khama Billiat Under Attack

Kaizer Cheifs star player Khama Billiat has come under attack for failing to deliver for his side this season despite being the highest-paid player in the South African professional football league, Absa Premiership.

The Zimbabwean star forward has endured his worst season since his big break into the premiership from CAPS United back in 2010.

Although Khama’s sloppy start to the season has been riddled by injury, with only one goal to his name in 16 appearances, his mediocre performance has sparked outrage, with many questioning whether he deserves a six-figure salary. One of the latest attacks on Billiat was from former Amakhosi striker, Mark Williams.

Speaking to international soccer publication Soccer Laduma, Williams said,

‘If I am the CEO and the boss of Kaizer Chiefs and I pay almost a billion for somebody, and he is not playing, I am going to be a bit frustrated and would ask the coach, why isn’t that one of my most expensive players that I am paying R800 thousand to a R1 million a month, is not playing?’

‘So, (it means) the investment that the club is doing is not good because the coach and the player don’t see eye-to-eye. Is it because of Billiat’s mentality?’

Because we all know, at the end of the day, Billiat is a good player, if he is fit, and his mind is right,’ Williams told the publication.

According to former Warriors team manager Wellington Mpandare, who has sprung up in Khama’s defence, the barrage of criticism fired at Khama by South African media is driven by a malicious agenda to wage a war between the Kaizer Chiefs fans and the big earning footballer.

The criticism, said Mpandare, is meant to portray Khama as a player who is after a big fat paycheck at the club but doesn’t have a passion to serve its interests. In the lengthy interview with state-media, Mpandare said,

‘It’s very clear that Khama is being targeted and there is nothing, really, at the moment that he can do right because a negative angle has to be sought and highlighted all the time.

It’s been some kind of a pattern since he joined Kaizer Chiefs with some people seemingly unhappy with the deal which his management team secured for him.

‘They have been drawing this picture to suggest that he only cares for the money, his focus is not on football anymore and he is being paid a big amount without delivering for the team,’ said Mpandare.

‘But, the reality is that he has been unfortunate with injuries this season and it happens even to be the best players in the world because this is a tough game.

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