Kazembe Kazembe
Kazembe Kazembe

Zanu PF chairman for Mashonaland Central province Kazembe Kazembe has described the alleged attempt to bribe Bindura courts for his reported supporters who are being accused of looting groceries meant for his rival Tafadzwa Musarara during primary elections for Mazowe West as nonsensical.

The four supporters aligned to Kazembe are Boyd Fungulani, Shingirai Chisango, Lens Ferenando and Jonah Ngwenya who are being accused of cases of flour and bags of melia- meal from a 30 tonne truck belonging to Musarara who intented to give his supporters in Concession on 28 April 2018 during their primary elections.

Kazembe has been accused of trying to bribe the courts to throw the case away and at one point he was accused of trying to convince the president to make the case be dealt with within ZANU PF.

In an interview with this reporter Kazembe said Musarara is after tarnishing his image after losing the primaries.

“I am now used to that, that’s nonsense, someone must just accept defeat, this is from one person who was defeated in the primaries who cannot stomach it,” said Kazembe.

Quizzed on his race being tough for him against Musarara, Kazembe said it was not tough at all as his rival was too dirty and making a lot of noise in the media while he was campaigning to win.

“The actual race was not that difficult, it’s only that the person I was contesting with was too dirty and too loud, he is the one who should be in court, he beat up police officers in the polling station in the view of everyone,” said Kazembe.

Kazembe said Musarara violated many electoral orders but was never disqualified in their primaries.

“He was never disqualified when he broke an agent’s finger who got operated at Mvurwi hospital and was never disqualified, he burnt ballot papers after realizing that he had lost dismally at that centre, he sent 30 tonne truck loads to distribute to voters on the eve of election day, clear and open vote buying,” kazembe said.

“He was never disqualified the list is endless, a lot of falsehood were written in media , but still he lost the election. Most of those running the election had been compromised, my results were manipulated downwards, where I had 173 it was recorded 73, where I had 486 it was recorded as 86, he still lost the election anyway,” he lamented.

Kazembe boast of doing more than enough for his constituency and in some instances using his personal resources for the love of his constituency.

“I had done more than enough in the 5 years and using personal resources for that matter and the electorate knows that, I only got the first and only CDF after the primary elections and I have the bank statement to prove that.”

“I donated five computers at Mbuya Nehanda secondary in ward 32 last Thursday and I have huge following in my constituency unlike what the media and the loser (Musarara) portrays.”

He further denied allegations of expelling ZANU PF supporters aligned to Musarara who featured in most social media videos denouncing him, chief among them a youth lady identified as Loyce, he has no power to expel anyone from the party.

“I do not have power to expel anyone from the party, Loyce has always had disciplinary issues with the youth league, even way before the primary elections, I do not intervene in youth league affairs.”

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