Home Politics Justice Minister Ziyambi Facing The Chop

Justice Minister Ziyambi Facing The Chop

Justice Minister Denies Chamisa’s Lawyer Exemption Certificate To Argue Poll Challenge

Justice Minister Ziyambi Facing The Chop

The Minister of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs, Ziyambi Ziyambi is reportedly facing the chop for alleged alignment to the Generation 40 (G40) cabal, a vanquished ZANU faction.

Anonymous sources say Ziyambi was working with the G40 to discredit President Emmerson Mnangagwa. It is further alleged that Ziyambi’s attack on the judiciary following a ruling by the High Court that resulted in the removal of former Chief Justice Luke Malaba was merely a desperate strategy to avoid the chop.

In the statement, Ziyambi accused the judiciary of being captured by the country‚Äôs ‚Äúenemies.‚ÄĚ He said in a statement issued Sunday:

_The situation now in this country is that there is a risk of judicial capture where the Judiciary has been captured by certain elements both within and outside Zimbabwe who want to destabilise the second Republic._

Sources say the statement has done less to save Ziyambi from the chop since it has caused more damage to the name of the president.

Reports of factionalism in the ruling ZANU PF have increased in the recent past.

Some of the ruling party’s District Coordinating Committee (DCC) elections that were scheduled to be held last year were suspended after alleged factional clashes.

The G40 is reportedly seeking an opportunity to bounce back and take control of the party.

There are also reports that suggest that apart from the G40, President Mnangagwa and his deputy, Constantino Chiwenga lead rival factions with the latter eager to dislodge his boss.

The alleged factionalism is reportedly the main reason why ZANU PF rejected the running mate clause fearing the incumbent leader can be toppled by his deputy.

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