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Junior Doctors Demand $156 000 Per Month

Junior Doctors Demand $156 000 Per Month
Health Services Board chairperson Dr Paulinus Sikhosana

Junior doctors have demanded a massive salary hike of up to ZWL$156 000 per month inclusive of various allowances.

In a letter dated 29 July 2020 and addressed to the Health Services Board (HSB), Board Chairperson Paulinus Sikhosana, the Progressive Doctors Association of Zimbabwe (PDAZ) said the pay hike will avert a crisis. They said

This letter serves as a follow-up to our meeting on the 28th of July 2020 where it was agreed upon that we forward the net income figures we would consider fair for junior doctors.

Here is what PDAZ considers to be reasonable:

  • Basic Salary: ZWL$30 000
  • Transport: ZWL$11 000
  • Housing: ZWL$15 000
  • On-Call: ZWL$80 000
  • Risk Allowance: ZWL$20 000
  • Total: ZWL$156 000

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