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Journalist attacked by suspected CIOs suffers trauma

Journalist attacked by suspected CIOs suffers trauma

Chizarura told TheNewsHawks that she was still in danger as some people were trailing and watching her since the incident occurred on 18 September.

She said she has been having neck problems, migraine headaches, poor eyesight and a loose jawbone.

Rumbidzai Chizarura, a journalist who was severely attacked by suspected State agents while covering a Zimbabwe National Students’ Union (Zinasu) press conference on Impala Car Rental’s involvement in the abduction of a university student, Tawanda Muchehiwa, has been suffering from severe trauma, depression and physical pain.

Chizarura opened up in an interview: I was slapped, beaten to the ground and kicked. I have a bone around my neck here that sometimes gets out of groove, I have headaches which cannot be treated by pain medication. The doctors said I would need to go outside the country to get one of my jaw bones—which is loose—fixed as there were only two people who can do it in Zimbabwe, but one them is outside the country.

I do not sleep, I get panic attacks and I am depressed most of the time. I got to a point where I just gave up on life and cut myself. I am glad for the people around me and my boss who spoke to me. To make matters worse, I have people trailing me everywhere I go, it can’t be a coincidence that I see the same person at events I attend and at shops I get into and even when I visit my family.

The Techmag TV reporter also said the suspected state security agents ordered her out of her car and started beating her.

She then ran into one of the yards close by and only got out when they had gone. Chizarura got a phone and contacted her boss and family and together they went to Braeside Police Station but were turned away.

They also tried to report at Harare Central Police Station without success and then went to Rhodesville Police where an officer took down the items that had been stolen. She added that until now, they have not been updated on anything.

Source | Pindula News


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