Businessman and Zanu PF supporter, Manongore (34) whose car was being driven by Joana Mamombe says the legislator is his girlfriend.

“She is my girlfriend. We started dating in January this year. I spend a lot of time with her; she drives any of my cars, although she prefers the Benz in question,” he told The Sunday Mail.

Manongore who lives in Chisipite, said Mamombe had free access at any time to his fleet of cars but in this instance, he was shocked
when pictures surfaced on social media as he was not aware that the car had been used in “criminal activities”.

Manongore said he was still seeking answers on the trio’s disappearance and reappearance and the involvement of his vehicle in a criminal investigation.

“I am still wondering what happened. I cannot talk to her because she does not have a phone. I tried reaching out to her but I cannot go to the hospital because people from her party may be hostile towards me. Right now we are talking through intermediaries and family members,” he said.

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“Joanna was not mobile during that time, she had left her Toyota Fortuner in Masvingo and was using my cars to move around. I am more worried about her than the car at this point.”

Asked if Mamombe had expressed any concern regarding her safety prior to the alleged abduction, Manongore said: “When I was speaking to her mother and friends, they said she was afraid factional issues in her party could turn nasty.

“When we started dating, I was hearing of a guy called Mfundo from civil society. Joanna told me he is from her past but I am shocked to see him being visible since this alleged abduction happened. There were days he was always at the hospital and I do not know why that was the case.

“He is said to be a dubious character who can do anything for money. I am suspecting that this guy could have influenced my girlfriend to engage in demonstrations during a pandemic.

Although we support different political parties, we have not had a problem until now and I am sure some other forces misled her.”

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