A Harare man claims he lost the love of his life and US$17 000 after his girlfriend he had been living with for eight months ran away with the money he had given her for safekeeping.

The runaway love, Zvikomborero Kanyuru, 21, was living with her boyfriend, Oliver Machisi, 33, for eight months and she ‘vanished’ on May 28 with the money.

However, Kanyuru rubbished the claims, accusing her erstwhile boyfriend of desperation. She said this was just a case of sour grapes and Machisi was creating stories to get back at her for dumping him.

“I never stole anything from him as he claims. I was just tired of being beaten by him. He has two cases at the magistrates’ court in which he assaulted me. He is just lying to get back at me for dumping him.

“I suffered too much at his house and decided to leave him. I told my parents who came to get me. He knows where I am if indeed I stole from him,” she said.

Narrating his ordeal, to H-Metro, Machisi said he returned home on a fateful day to find Kanyuru, whom he referred to as his wife, missing, together with all her belongings.

“When I left for work in the morning on a fateful day, we were happy, and I never suspected that she was about to leave me. I was surprised when I received a call from my wife’s sister informing her that the had received a call from my wife.

“My sister-in-law told me that when my wife called her she had been crying. I was surprised so I rushed home to check if she was there, and to my surprise, she wasn’t there and all her clothes were missing as well.

“I was confused and decided to call her mother in Nyanga, who first said she wasn’t aware of her daughter’s whereabouts.

When I called her later, she said that she had received information that her daughter was in Nyanga, but was not yet home narrated Machisi.

He said he filed a report with the police. Machisi says he then heard that his ‘wife’ was in fact at her cousin’s place in Warren Park D.

He went there and found her there and she told him she was not interested in him anymore.

“She told me point blank that she wasn’t interested in me any-more. I then confronted her over my money and my late brother’s belongings.

Her sister and uncle, who were present, said she had left the things at her mother’s place in Nyanga, so I was to follow them there and discuss the way forward,” he said.

Prior to their moving in together, Machisi said he had tried to meet the girl’s family, but she always had excuses and he now believes it was to ensure that he would never find her when she executed her plan to steal from him.

“I never went to her mother’s house in Nyanga.

There were always excuses. So even if I am to go there, I can never find her.

“Whenever I call, they insult me and they have gone back on their word that they would return my money, instead, they are a saying the US$17 000 is now being used as compensation of the time we lived together,” said Machisi, before breaking down in tears.


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