It’s survival of the wicked!

Zvirevo Moyo (38) and Sipiwe Choga (29) are married to Gilbert Chivasa (45) and they take turns to sleep with their husband.

However, because Moyo gets to spend less time with their husband as Choga’s delivery in bed excited Chivasa she decided to spoil the party.

She then consulted a local sangoma to help her “fix” her love rival and she was given a concoction that made Choga go on her menstrual periods for the greater part of the month.

“The traditional healer bewitched Choga to bleed continuously. She has been experiencing that flow since September,” a source told B-Metro.

Choga naturally noticed that something was wrong with her and she went to the hospital but her problem was never solved.

She then sought traditional methods like consulting witchdoctors, prophets and sangomas.

Still, the problem persisted.

It took some curious local elders to suggest that since Choga was in a polygamous marriage, there were chances that her rival had a hand.

Moyo became a prime suspect and gave in to pressure with a confession. The matter was then reported to Chief Chireya.

“I am dealing with an issue where a polygamous woman approached an inyanga to bewitch her counterpart to flow continuously,” Chief Chireya said.



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