Jealous Man Sets Ablaze Cabin With Sleeping Wife & Baby, Wife Blames ‘Evil Spirits’

A jealousy driven Odzi man set alight a wooden cabin where his wife and baby were sleeping after suspecting that she was cheating on him.

Jealous Man Sets Ablaze Cabin With Sleeping Wife & Baby, Wife Blames ‘Evil Spirits’

The wife, Abigail Kamwendo (30) and her eight-year-old baby escaped death by a whisker after neighbours alerted her of the fire.

Jeremiah Sithole (26) was immediately arrested and has since been dragged to court facing multiple counts of physical abuse.

According to sources, Sithole suspected that Kamwendo was cheating on him and he beat her up. Later at night after she had gone to sleep, he set alight their one-roomed wooden cabin where his wife and baby were sleeping.

The couple’s property was destroyed in the fire and nothing was recovered.

Shockingly,Kamwendo did not blame her husband for trying to burn her and the baby but shifted the blame on evil spirits which she claimed wanted her dead.

The neighbors reported him to the police, I did not because I knew it wasn’t him who started the fire. Of course we had a misunderstanding over extra marital affairs but I know for sure that my husband did not burn the cabin,” she said.

Kamwendo said the evil spirits did not want to see her get married.

“This fire was mysterious and no one believes me,” she insisted.


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