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Java Accuses Chin’ono Of Being A “Paedophile”

Passion Java ZIMETRO

USA-based Zimbabwean preacher, Passion Java, has accused prominent journalist, Hopewell Chin’ono of being a pedophile – someone who is s.ex.ually interested in children.

Java speaks after Chin’ono had branded most Zimbabweans “dumb” for following a “fake prophet Java” on social media platforms instead of following political activists who seek to transform their livelihoods.

Passion Java also accused the documentary filmmaker of using other people’s names to gain political mileage and sponsorship from Non-Governmental Organizations.

Chin’ono has been vigorously pushing the anti-corruption campaign, an endeavor that saw him arrested and detained.

The journalist claims a corruption-free Zimbabwe will result in the citizenry leading better lives.

Watch the video below for Java’s response:

Source | ZiMetro News


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