Home Entertainment Janet Manyowa’s “Sounds of Victory” EP launch Magnificent!

Janet Manyowa’s “Sounds of Victory” EP launch Magnificent!

Janet Manyowa’s “Sounds of Victory” EP launch Magnificent!

This is the best way to describe the release of the “Voice of Victory” EP by the award-winning gospel musician, Janet Manyowa.

The number of exclusive launches at Rainbow Towers on Sunday was limited and in line with Covid-19 guidelines. Fans of other singers watched the performance online through the Pay Per View (PPV) app, which was facilitated by Gateway Stream Music.

Visits on the Gateway Stream music page of the app showed that more than 400 people paid ZWL $100 for online viewing each.

Those who personally participated in the release of the seven-track EP will be treated as a gift box, which includes the EP and a mask entitled “Janet Manyowa-Voice of Victory”.

It seems that the musicians did a proper research on the organization of the event, because the event was flawless, so some people describe it as a stoppage gospel concert in 2020.

The stage, camera settings, lighting and choreography prove that Janet is now in the golden age of her career.
Her performance was well coordinated, and there were some episodes that made the saxophonist Dove Joseph Joss

Sax” Chinouriri had the opportunity to show off his talents.

While singing the climax of “Many Blessings”, Manyowa also released the visual effects of the song.

The popular producer of Zadzisa not only proved that she has a melodious voice, but also showed her fashion aura when she wore a Burberry sequined suit. When she stepped onto the stage, this incident attracted the attention of the audience.

Surprisingly, she can also dance.

“Voice of Victory” has 7 tracks and previously released songs, including Makafanira, Ndimi, Tariro and Ngatimukudzei Mwari.

EP, a Christmas gift for music lovers, is influenced by the book of Joshua in the Bible. Manyowa said that this information will give people hope because it has been a very difficult year in which lives and livelihoods were threatened due to the coronavirus. The event was hosted by the energetic broadcaster Rebecca Muchenje.

Manuvoa’s husband Munyaradzi said in a speech on the sidelines of the press conference: “Sunday night was really great. When we saw the hand of God, the launch of the Voice of Victory was a success. We would like to thank all the visitors through PPV and those who watched at home.”

Manyowa had hoped to release an album this year, but due to the pandemic, she had to shelve these plans and chose to release an exciting EP.


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