Jah Signal’s ex-wife moves on – Now dating Signal’s friend: Pics.

A few months ago we only got to know that the Zimdancehall Chanter, Jah Signal used to be married after his ex-wife made headlines when she claimed that Jah signal slept with over 15 women in a space of 6 months.

Jah signal’s manager, however, dismissed the allegations and was quoted saying ” Presh was only after destroying the chanter’s musical career and that they were in possession of pictures of her with other musicians whom she is now dating”.

Well, we have the pictures and the pictures are of Jah Signal’s friend Dj Tony and signal’s ex-wife. Dj Tony posted that he lost his phone and offered a reward to anyone who would find the phone and maybe that’s how the pictures leaked.

Here is the interesting part, Apparently Dj Tony is Jah signals friend and the two have had shows together and the former once uploaded a screenshot of him on a video with Jah signal with a caption “rather selfish than sell out a friend, more blessings my yut”. Well @djtonnyzim has sold out. Click next and see pictures of tony and Jah Signal’s wife kissing.

1Jah Signal and Ex-wife