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Tatelicious says – “Jah Signal is HIV positive got infected by music promoter Mahwindo”

Zimcelebs never disappoint shame. They make sure we are always entertained, during the lockdown they have made sure we look forward to each and every day.

The likes of Tatelicious have made juicy stories that have left us asking for more.

She is back again with some information which l know most of you will love to hear. She is like our Gossip Girl, she gives us all the latest news and trends that our fellow Zimbabwe celebrities will be up to.

And even some scandals that will have happened behind closed doors that we could not know, but because of her we end up knowing it all.

This time around she has a steamy and rather hot story as she reveals that Jah Signal got promoted by music promoter Mahwindo only after he had slept with her. She says when they slept together that’s when Jah Signal contracted HIV because Mahwindo is HIV positive.

Check the video below:

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