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Jah Prayzah’s ‘Mkwasha model’ speaks about video shoot, working with JP

Jah Prayzah's 'Mkwasha model' speaks about video shoot, working with JP

JAH Prayzah’s latest video Mukwasha broke the record and recorded 175 000 views in less than 24 hours! fashionista Natalie Mhandu, who is the guest star on the video where she features as the daughter who has brought in the ‘Mukwasha’ to the family.

In the interview, Mhandu speaks of her experiences working with the superstar and his team.

Q: Mukwasha is your first commercial music /Video, how were you treated on set as a newbie, and how did you navigate through the attention?

M: The amount of positivity and support from the MTM team gave me a head start use they believed in me from the moment I started working with them such that the entire shoot was more of fun than work! Till this day, the project has projected positive light to me and as we are trending I’m getting attention from the right direction and I see myself growing from opportunities this video has opened for me.

Q: What was your role in the video and how was it considering that you are newly married, what was the response from your family?

M: In the video I was the young gorgeous wife a man who was bathed by his in-laws (my parents lol) basically I played the role of his point of love and comfort as my family constantly harassed him and gave him a run for having me.

Jah Prayzah's 'Mkwasha model' speaks about video shoot, working with JP

Metaphorically my role was that of a reason to live. We all have that one thing that gives us hope to suffer and in the end we feel awarded by just knowing that whatever it is belongs to us, a trophy rather!

My family has been very supportive! My husband is even feeding my imagination with bigger targets because he dreams I’m colour!

My mother keeps telling me she’s proud of how I managed to play this role graciously without embarrassing my matrimonial family or myself.

The video is decent and lovely!

Q: What was your experience working with Jah Prayzah and his team in general?

NM: The MTM team thrives on discipline and unity! Jah Prayzah is a very principled and professional artiste who ensures that once you’re part of his team you’re comfortable

I experienced a taste of Hollywood especially because of Director Vusa Blaqs, his techniques and methods of initiating tasks are first world!

Jah Prayzah's 'Mkwasha model' speaks about video shoot, working with JP

Those guys are always buzzing with creative ideas and I was amazed the entire shooting process was amazing to me as some scenes were a whole new experience for me like kubata gejo!

Q: You’re a fashionista with a highly recognized brand, StylePhilosophy’ and you’re also a star in the video that broke the record of I75 000 views in less than 24 hours, which one between the two is now getting you more attention? What experiences have you had so far?

NM: As an entrepreneur I know numbers don’t lie! The amount of attention I’ve been getting from this video is huge! I even have big commercial organizations planning to endorse me for their future marketing gigs because they believe my role as a beautiful black woman suits what they stand for!

Jah put me on the spotlight and I’m trending on the right platforms for the right reasons and my business is getting so much attention because I’m basically the engine behind Style Philosophy so my clientele has grown and my brand is getting so much publicity from this! Obviously Jah gets most of the attention from this the man is a superstar but I respect him for making sure that he tags me and tells people about me in good light sharing the attention with me for the greater good! Mad respect for you Jah Prayzah for always telling me that there’s enough room for all of us to win!

Q: In the video, you were a guest star, how difficult was it to step up and play the part in an environment that you aren’t familiar with, I’m sure it is different from being a model showcasing your own designs?

NM: Honestly, this was a life-changing experience! I’m grateful for my confidence I naturally vibed with him on the first set such that the director found it easy to simply instruct me and I’d comply with the directives.

This made me realize I’m naturally able to play a role and make it real! The MTM crew is a happy and friendly group so Simbilimbi told me to feel at home on our way to the shoot and I felt just that from the warm reception the team gave me!

I was also very excited to be working on the project because it was always a dream to be in showbiz and I promised myself I wasn’t going to disappoint them or embarrass myself

Q: How did you get the job, did you go through auditions?

NM: How I got the job is a funny story lol… a good friend of mine Optimus art the photographer called me around 8am as I was preparing to go to my shop and he told me to pack dresses and shoes and a few of my make up items because he was about to change my life, mind you, he always gets me good marketing gigs for big organizations like Escapades so in my head I automatically knew it was showtime but I was shocked when he then said you’re shooting a music video with Jah Prayzah and it’s in 2 hours and he hung up!

Before I even processed this Simbilimbi called me and told me he had been told to fetch me for the shoot and in the meantime I was to be ready! It was so surreal and I was nervous.

The moment I met Simba I got relaxed because he was friendly and he briefed me on the fine print of the job and I was hooked!

Q: Was this your first offer of being a video girl, and why did you say yes to Jab Prayzah?

NM: I was in Adrian Tate’s video Murudo about a year ago where we did Valentine’s Day song and initially the video was a collaboration of my StylePhilosophy merchandise and his talent so it was easy to shoot. This one, however, was my first shot at the big league and I’m still amazed!

Q: Do you see yourself taking another challenge like this one and feature in more music videos?

NM: If an opportunity presents itself I’d definitely love to be in one of the African giants videos that’s either Casper, Burna boy or Wizkid! However, I’m more excited about all the endorsements I’m getting from the exposure I got from the video I hope to get more!

Q: As a young person who took a risk outside her comfort zone and featured in a video that has already broken the internet, what advice can you give to your peers?

NM: My advice is to be consistent at what you want and don’t be fooled by fame. Through all of this I remembered to divert the numbers to my business for my growth because fame doesn’t pay bills but hard work does!

I learned about discipline from mukoma Jah Prayzah he said to me “… don’t rush to show off before you’ve perfected your craft, be patient and eager to learn and grow, growth is automatically your portion!”

We shot the video six months ago and we kept quiet about it because it wasn’t yet time, that’s discipline.

Q: How was it working with Jah Prayzah, what kind of leader is he?

NM: Jah Prayzah is strict, disciplined and understanding. His forte is he’s very easy going so it makes it easy for him to interact with his subordinates and still get the work done to perfection.

He’s also very humble and respect ful such that I got comfortable and I automatically took my role with no fear and played it well.

He’s very organized, he works with a team that has specific roles for each task so there’s never chaos or time wasting because team work makes everything easier.

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