JAH PRAYZAH’S ALBUM “KUTONGA KWARO” LAUNCH A HUGE SUCCESS | Jah Prayzah ’s successful album launch last Friday came as a big relief to the musician after living in fear for almost 24 hours.


He says he was nervous after he learnt that Nigeria superstar Davido was no longer coming to grace his album launch on the eleventh hour.Such was Jah Prayzah’s fear that he could not eat or sleep, resorting to taking water as he feared for a possible disaster.

This was not because he doubted his capability to fill up HICC as he has done it before but he felt it would appear as if he had short-changed his fans.

“I don’t want to lie to you, I was very nervous. It was a difficult situation for me.

“I never slept on Thursday night only to go to bed around 4 am on Friday for only two hours since I had to go for some road shows in town.

“The situation was bad that, I couldn’t eat as well. I only remember taking water. I was nervous,” narrated Jah Prayzah.

The entertainer said he was only relieved when he appeared on stage and discovered that the venue was packed to rafters.

He said he felt humbled with the love his fans showed and no one ever talked about the absence of Davido.

“I never doubted myself but someone needed to be in my shoes to understand it. When I arrived at the venue, everything changed.

“When I entered into the venue, after realising that we have made it, the mood changed. I felt so humbled with the love my fans showed,” said Jah Prayzah.

For Jah Prayzah, the launch was now procedural as he felt victory already.

He believes the Friday triumph will help the album sail through.

The 14-trcak album was officially launched by flamboyant businessman Wicknell Chivayo who bought the CD for $10 000.

Sir Wicknell, as Chivayo calls himself, went on to give Jah Prayzah’s wife US$2000 on stage, which he said was an appreciation fee for taking care of the country’s man of the moment.

“I am paying $10 000 for this CD but before that I have $2000 for mainini (Jah Prayzah’s wife), United States Dollars and not bond notes. This is an appreciation for taking care of our artist, you deserve it,” bragged Sir Wicknell.

Jah Prayzah is happy with the response to his album and believes it will take him to another level as he continues setting records in local showbiz.

The album was launched with two accompanying videos for the songs Chengetedza and Nziyo YeRudo featuring Nigerian songstress Yemi Alade.

It carries 14 tracks and the 3rd Generation band leader described it a complete package.

“Initially, I planned to have 12 songs on the album but I did some collaborations as I worked on the album.

“There are two collaborations with Yemi Alade and Diamond Platinumz,” said Jah Prayzah.


Jah Prayzah never did an album with one producer before, but Kutonga Kwaro was wholly produced by DJ Tamuka.

Apart from that, his previous two albums – Jerusarema and Mdhara Vachauya – were mixed and mastered by Keith Farquharson in South Africa but Kutonga Kwaro was completed by Tamuka.

“It was difficult for me to do an album with one producer. My two previous albums were produced by different producers but I had to take them to South Africa for mastering by Keith (Farquharson), you know that.

“It’s completely different this time around, the whole album was produced, mixed and mastered by DJ Tamuka,” he said.

He said as much as credit goes to the musician, people should also be reminded of the person behind the productions.

“The guy (Tamuka) is talented, I believed in him when he joined Military Touch and I told myself that I should give him a chance and he did it.

“Besides the singles he produced when he joined us, this was his first time to do an album for me.

“Albums are special and are different from singles, there is a certain sound you want to maintain and DJ Tamuka managed to do it. He even came up with some refreshing ideas and it clearly shows that his future is very bright,” said Jah Prayzah.

Apart from Jah Prayzah who sampled the new songs to his fans, there were performances by other musicians among them Oliver Mtukudzi.

Tuku did not disappoint as he delivered a polished act despite being roped to be part of the line up on the eleventh hour.

Winky D was also roped in after Davido announced that he was no longer coming and as usual the Ninja president delivered a top performance on the night.

Other acts were Andy Muridzo, Mbeu and DJs and they all managed to keep the jovial crowd entertained.


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