Ronika, a new urban pop music video by Jah Prayzah dropped recently and social media users have raised the red flag!


There is no denying the song is a miss, worse still accompanied by a whacky video.The one bad thing about the song is that Jah Prayzah sang nursery rhymes from start to finish. In one line he sings, ‘Ronika, Rokadhiya, Rameck’ and the melody reminded many of his collaboration with ExQ on Pahukama.

Some who watched the video suggested that Jah Prayzah needs to be reminded of the difference between video vixens and dance queens.

“What we see in Ronika are not video vixens or eye candy, but rather dance queens dressed in bum shorts, daisy dukes and bikinis,” said one who watched the video.
Commented model and comedian, Oliver Keith: “Guys, on Jah Prayzah’s new song Ronika, is he talking or rapping or singing? But chikuru on that song, kufema.”

Ronika that was released at Ginimbi’s Club Sankayi in Harare last week in the presence of Trace TV is worse than nothing unless you’re already a fan of Jah Prayzah, yes, you might enjoy it.

The majority of Jah Prayzah’s followers were not convinced that Ronika was a song by the same artist who gave them ‘Chengetedza’. Ronika is both lyrically and musically empty unless if it is the only song you have in your tape deck. Sadder still, you cannot play one song like Ronika over and over.

Needless to say, Jah Prayzah has been releasing half baked songs just to keep the momentum. Also, he has been trying too hard to penetrate the international scene, a move most feel is disastrous as he seems to be fast losing his identity.

A good number of his critics even suggested that Jah Prayzah returns to his old traditional formula of making hits otherwise he will lose favour.

“Jah Prayzah doesn’t have a house music voice. His is too husky and gruffy such that he ends up sounding like he’s talking just to remain in key. In the end, the man from Uzumba is losing identity in trying to be international.

“The song can make it to the club playlists, but competing with international standard house music, it won’t make it far,” wrote journalist, Tapiwa Zivira.

“This new genre he’s trying is a complete no. Let’s just agree that it’s time up for Jah Prayzah and make way for another artiste,” wrote Facebook user Tyrone Nivava.


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