Jah Prayzah Comes Out Guns Blazing

Contemporary musician, Mukudzeyishe Mukombe who is known by many as Jah Prayzah has lashed out at a reporter by the name of ‘Prince Mushawevato’ who has been criticizing him everytime he released an album.

Jah Prayzah Comes Out Guns Blazing

Mushawevato has been on Jah Prayzah’s case since 2015 when he launched his album titled Jerusarema.

Ever since then, the criticism never stopped and Jah Prayzah could not take it any more after the critic recently made a review on his new album titled CHITUBU.

Posting on his blog, Mushawevato headlined his review: ‘Chitubu, All Hype No Substance’.

This made the musician fume with anger after trying to reserve comments on the matter for years, it seems Jah Prayzah’s bottled up emotions just had to explode.

Posting on Instagram, Jah Prayzah said:

If there is one thing i am thankful for, is Social Media. As artists we now have a mouthpiece of our own, though still somewhat smaller than the press, at least now we can air our views, projects and get feedback from you. I am so delighted with the feedback you have given the Chitubu album, with Dzamutsana getting massive hits in its first week of release, breaking all forms of previous records i have personally set before.

I appreciate criticism so much, it forms a major part in the building of an artist, only when its constructive criticism. When it becomes a habit then there is no building exercise intended. It pains that after putting in all sweat and sleepless nights for a product that most of you have told me you love so dearly, still some journalist who feels I owe him a part of my fruits, finds it worthwhile to pull down the same project and hopes to influence the entire world against liking my album.

One lesson i have learnt is that your work speaks for you, thats why i have never responded to any of the articles that have came out in the past, but time comes when you say enough. I am done being a punching bag and will stand for what i believe in. @princemusha (Prince Mushawevato) i ask you one question, if our own media fail to push the efforts being put in by Zimbabwean artists, then who will?

I have nothing against The Sunday Mail, however, I do feel i have been a victim of unfair reporting and journalism from the Entertainment Section of the publication on numerous occasions. This has happened mostly after every album i released, last year if you all remember very well, an open letter to Jah Prayzah was drafted. I am hinted that a series of stories has actually been lined up to fight me and all i do, but all i can do now is wait, just like everyone else, chandinoziva ndechekuti denga rina mambo. Many thanks to all the readers who have commented on this article online, may you do the same not only for Jah Prayzah but for every artist trying to put in their all but still have spikes thrown along their way.

Jah Prayzah’s fans urged him to ignore Mushawevato and went on to say that ‘Chutubu’ is a masterpiece.

What’s your take on the matter?


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