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Jah Master on marriage, future, entitlement!

Jah Master on marriage, future, entitlement!

Chanter of the moment Jah Master reckons his wife is heaven-sent and he will forever cherish her.

The 24-year-old opened up to H-Metro after he recently paid lobola for his baby mama, Lorraine Kudakwashe Munjenje. Jah Master and Lolo are blessed with a 14-month old son christened Jordan.

In a wide ranging interview, the Hello Mwari singer said the lobola ceremony went according to plan. “The event went according to plan and I am ready to cement my relations with my in-laws.

“This (lobola ceremony) is the best thing to ever happen in my life, I was looking forward to it. “Lolo has brought happiness to my family and I am looking forward to greater days of marital bliss ahead. “As someone, who was looked down upon, I think I have made my in-laws and relatives happy,” he said.

The Waterfalls-based chanter said he was aware of the challenges that come along with marriage. “I simply need to work hard and I now believe in brand Jah Master which has made some of these things happen.

“It is God that blesses us and He is the one who made this Jah Master brand what it is,” said the chanter who could not be drawn into revealing the money he paid as lobola.


Born Rodney Mashandure, the most sought after chanter said he was seeing the hand of the Lord in his life “like I indicated earlier on, Brand Jah Master is now taking shape and it has worked wonders for me.

“I have achieved what I have because of the fans and people who believed in my brand. “I started music in 2010 and I have soldiered on to this day and I owe it to my fans who have been there for me.

Jah Master on marriage, future, entitlement!

“My fans, sponsors and corporates that believe in at have made me what I am,” he said.

Jah Master, who took over a decade to make it to acclaim, said prayer and having eternal faith in God has made him a household name he is today.

When I am down, I always consult Father Katanha of Mercy Ministries who gives me strength. “As you know, I lost both my parents and Father Katanha has stood by me over the years; he has taught me how to pray and have faith in God all the time,” he said.


Jah Master also took a swipe at people who claim to have made him the superstar he is today. “In life there are so many people who came into my life for a reason but I still remain my own man,” he said.

Jah Master also took the opportunity to clarify his relationship with Prophet Passion Java and the Chillspot Family.

“On that note, I will have to make it clear out there that Passion does not own me but he comes in as a sponsor.

“He has been sponsoring me out of his genuine love for my talent “The same applies to the Chillspot Family (Fantan, Ribhe and Levelz) who have also helped me to record my music at some point.

“The Chillspot guys are as good as any producer like Oskid whom I contact if I need his services. “No one has the right to own someone as is speculated in showbiz streets,” he said


Jah Master said he was aware of the temptation that comes with fame, especially rich and loose women preying on young celebrities.

“I am aware of the challenges that come with money, especially ladies who literally throw themselves at us. “In my case, I have learnt how to handle women and we always draw a line between fans and friendship.

“If I see someone trying to seduce me, I try by all means to run away from trouble. “I have seen it all and I wouldn’t want to give in because it has some serious repercussions.

“As men, we need to be strong and learn to work hard and stop relying on blessers in form of rich women who can pamper you with goodies in exchange for sex,” he said.


Like any other chanter who worked hard to be at the top, Jah Master has pedal advice to budding artistes. ‘There is no secret to success besides talent, hard work and powerful connections, “If you are not talented, at least you must have the passion but this industry requires one to be talented and consistent if they are to make it to the top,” he added.


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